Frequently Asked Questions


What is Skillgrok?

Skillgrok is a skill sharing marketplace that provides people with direct and personalized access to skill providers, or people with expertise in a particular subject. We ensure that you get the most efficient and affordable resource through our platform. Grokee Arif was planning his trip to Paris. He wanted to learn photography in a week’s time and make sure that all masterpieces he finds in Paris are clicked in a picturesque manner. After signing up on Skillgrok with essential inputs, he figured out a Grokker, Fahad Khan who carried expertise in photography and was operating a renowned photo studio in Dubai. After coming in contact with Fahad on Skillgrok circle, Arif took a week’s lesson and completed Crash course offered by him. The option was suitable to his pocket and location as well. Clicks from Paris earned a lot of likes and comments on Arif’s Facebook. His clicks were also featured on a popular Facebook photography page.

Is it free to join?

Absolutely! Skillgrok is 100% free to join. The only time you would ever pay to use Skillgrok is when you’d like to take courses from a Grokker who charges a particular rate. Your account gives you access to all of our features. You can find both free and paid courses and resources on Skillgrok. So, no worries! You can choose which courses to take and how much, if anything, you want to spend.

Does Skillgrok have a mobile app?

Yes! We do have mobile apps for your android as well as iphones.


How do I create an account?

You can create a Skillgrok account by signing up using an email address and by creating a password. You can access all the options in the top right hand corner of the site under ‘Sign Up’.

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

No worries, happens to the best of us! From the login menu, click the ‘Can't access your account’ link. Enter the email address you registered with and a secure link will be emailed to you. Use that link to reset your password.

Do I need an appointment to meet Grokkers?

Not always. But yes, appointments are a great way to reserve dedicated time with the Grokker of your choice. You can interact with a Grokker online itself and take lessons as per your choice.

How do I book a session on Skillgrok?

Booking session/courses couldn’t be simpler. Just visit the profile of the grokker of your choice .Click the desired course, date, time. That’s it!

How expensive is it to go through Skillgrok rather than finding a class offline?

Skillgrok provides you the best price for a grokker at a personalized place where you have multiple options. After searching at local platforms, Irwin could not find a single teacher who gives cheap and efficient lessons in Jazz Flute. Enquiring at local teachers was of no help either. They charged high hourly rates. When he came to Skillgrok, he found at least 7 teachers who were located nearby him and were providing lesser than market rates. Irwin’s happiness knew no bounds. Now Irwin is an expert at Jazz Flute and himself listed as a Grokker on Skillgrok.

If I am not satisfied as a Grokee with the Course delivery provided by the Grokker, what can I do to track back my course fee?

You can use the Open Dispute feature - for payment Returns. Everyone who is willing to learn should learn with the surety of Value for Money. The admin will supervise Course delivery closely and if he finds it inappropriate; he shall return the money paid by Grokee. Aahil signed up on Skillgrok to learn Web designing and decided to take a month’s course from a Grokker he chose. However, after two weeks, he found that the Grokker Josh Patrick was no more interested in providing the course and the content delivery was not good. He accessed Skillgrok’s Payment Protection feature and administrator carefully looked into the matter. To Aahil’s delight, his money was refunded by the Grokker within 24 hours.


I signed up for Skillgrok emails, but I no longer want to receive them. How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe from our emails by clicking the unsubscribe link that appears at the bottom of every email you receive from us. Don’t worry; you can always sign up again. You can also manage your email notifications from your Skillgrok profile. We know for sure once you open to world of Skills, you would never leave.

Can anyone become a Grokker?

Yes! No matter what skills or talents you have, we want you on board! No matter how typical or how unusual your expertise is, we think it can prove to be valuable for someone. Abdul Wahid carried expertise in the Field archery and wanted to share the skills of Archery on a commercial level. However, he could not find a proper platform to impart this skill. After he came to know of Skillgrok through word of mouth, he signed up on the website and discovered that there were quite a many people interested to learn this art. He is currently one of the most best reviewed Grokker in online teaching space. He is now cashing his passion and believes that Skillgrok has a platform for everyone with some or the other expertise.

How will Skillgrok help me?

Skillgrok can help you offer courses and list yourself or your training firm on our widely accessed directory. When you offer to teach/train through Skillgrok, you will have access to some powerful marketing, sales and lead management tools.

Are there any degrees, certifications, or experience needed to become a Grokker?

Not at all. A huge part of our mission is to make sure everyone has a platform to sell their services and extend their reach to help people. Because of this, we give every Grokker the benefit of the doubt that they are credible. However, once a Grokker receives a negative review or complaint from more than one user, we will have to investigate. We will have to take appropriate action and that could result in account suspension.

Does Skillgrok charge anything to be a Grokker?

There are no costs and no monthly membership fees.

If I'm a Grokker can I hire other Grokkers that interest me as well?

Of course! All Skillgrok accounts can book sessions with Grokkers, including Grokkers themselves! You can learn a skill in return of imparting your expertise or extend your skills imparting arena. Skillgrok makes the skills (which were available to only privileged few) available to everyone. Skillgrok has an auto-suggestion feature that enables you to view other relevant grokkers related to your chosen skill.

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How do I get paid?

This is your skill imparting choice! You set the prices and all the other details. Website admin supervises the transactions to enhance hassle free learning experience.


How can Skillgrok help institutions grow?

Institutions can access Skillgrok to exercise market growth. You can treat Skillgrok as a virtual admission desk and offer registrations through our website. You can create a 1-session workshop to meet prospective students and then select your candidates.

Do institutions need to pay subscription amount to register on Skillgrok?

Institutions need to pay subscription charges to benefit from Skillgrok service"

Can Institutions acquire students/grokees on their own, offline?

Yes! After an Institution has successfully registered on Skillgrok platform and gained necessary advertising and responses, it can start acquiring students on its own.

Should Grokkers and Grokee rely completely on a registered Institution on Skillgrok?

The Skillgrok team leaves no stones unturned to ensure the authenticity of institutions registered at the platform. We at our part, make sure that users registered on the website experience error free collaboration. However, users should not submit their personal information on the website until asked to do so.