Make your circle a P2P online knowledge community here at Skillgrok. Share your resources for free or on a chargeable basis. Become a member of this network and acuminate your extended consultation to share collective knowledge.
  • Knowledge management is not an information problem. It is a social one. We want to approach expertise in a way that it is on-line, via multi-user networked environments.
  • The circle feature supports group communication and collaboration. We want users to engage socially with one another, and in the process, give way to skillful sharing.
  • Skillgrok circles are knowledge communities with a wide user base well enough to impart skills of almost all kind.
  • Unlimited file sharing and access to free course material is the prime feature of Skillgrok circles where members get to share or learn skills in a friendly and informal environment.
  • Skillgrok circles ensure sharing and co-learning about related practices across projects with professional assistance.
  • With so many members, support from practitioners spread across the globe is easy to access.
  • Share knowledge and experience, so that each individual can operate more effectively.
  • Skillgrok bridges the gap between people who carry the expertise and people who need them. Come, be a part of our socially vibrant circles and ensure learning in a play way manner.