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Faham Jawed from Ruwais in UAE wanted to learn Photography to discover the differences in modern cameras and find a recommendation to buy an awesome camera. He wanted to learn the step-by-step instructions on how to make great photos that are worthy of submission to National photography contest. He was keen to know about camera lenses, exposure, and lighting in a way that actually helps him understand rather than confuse with technical jargon. After messing up with useless research work, he signed up on Skillgrok. He found a suitable instructor located nearby his area after browsing through a lot of Photography Grokkers. The Grokker, Sahil Khan was a freelance photographer and offered classes for the same in a recognized institution. After mutually agreeing upon Skillgrok’s policies and terms of use, the course delivery took place. At Skillgrok, Grokkers provide complete course syllabus to enhance pre-learning preparedness. Faham was provided with the following course material:

Lesson 1 - Camera Basics

In this first lesson, he went through how all cameras work, and the parts of the camera that one needs to know about.

Lesson 2 - Operating a Camera

This lesson showed him that more than just pointing and clicking is required to take great pictures.

Lesson 3 - Types of Film

This lesson not only examined the different film types, and the type one should use, but it also explained the differences between digital cameras and film cameras -- and revealed which one is actually better!

Lesson 4 - Aperture and Shutter Speeds

Faham took more in-depth look at aperture and shutter speed and their relationship to film exposure.

Lesson 5 - TTL Light Meter

Grokker took exposure one step further by helping Faham look more intently at metering.

Lesson 6 - Depth of Field

In this lesson, Faham explored the depth of field. Every exposure setting has its own unique side effect, which can be used by the photographer to achieve specific creative goals.

Lesson 7 - Choosing Lenses

Types of lenses and their impact on pictures, whether film or digital, were explained.

Lesson 8 - Lenses Continued

In this lesson, he examined further the different types of lenses common to most professional cameras, and the lengths and angles that affect image the most.

Lesson 9 - Lighting

The importance of lighting for great picture-taking was discussed.

Lesson 10 - Lighting Continued

In this lesson, he learnt more about the different uses of daylight for photography, the use of timing with daylight, and the various elements of natural light photography.

Lesson 11 - Flash Photography

In this lesson, he learnt about types of flashes, various flash facts, and details concerning the effective use of camera's flash.

Lesson 12 - Filters

In this lesson, they covered the various filters used in photography, including lens filters, color filters, skylight and UV filters, polarizing filters, and special effects filters.

Lesson 13 - Steady Shooting

Key features regarding steady shooting, namely how to hold the camera; shutter speeds and lenses; and how to use a tripod and cable releases were taught.

Lesson 14 - Digital vs. Film

This lesson focused on digital and film images, and the differences between them.

Lesson 15 - Enhancing Photographs

This lesson revealed to Faham when, and how, to enhance his picture in some easy ways.

Lesson 16 - Organizing the Picture

Finally, Faham was able to win prize for the best photography talent at the National Photography Contest and his works showed up in the National magazine where he was featured on the cover photo.

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